Together we are Adventuring Souls.

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 The home base

for adventuring souls searching for clarity, growth, healing,
and direction.


Glory-Anne & Lisa 
have come together to bring transformational opportunities to expand your Self.

Vision, connection, and inner wisdom are woven within everything we offer.





Do you wonder what it will be like to set yourself in motion, on a journey of discovery?

Have you tried to understand what transfomation means but aren't quite sure how it applies to you? 

Are there times when you wish you had the support of someone who has experienced similar thoughts and feelings?

You might be an adventuring soul if you:

Does this sound familiar?

  • Appreciate the beauty in the small things in life

  • Have an open mind

  • Search for meaning in you life

  • Welcome friendship

  • Are curious about understanding and expanding intution

  • Are open to healing energy and would like to learn about Reiki healing

  • Looking within for connection

  • Guided by a higher knowing

  • Know there is a plan for but are a bit fuzzy on the details

When two is better than one:

When you are on your search for understanding it's important to be open to many ideas. But as the saying goes, sometimes you can have too many cooks in the kitchen. The blending of Glory-Anne and Lisa's hearts and minds creates balance. You are held in the gentlest of spaces as you can open to transforming at your own pace. You will always be surrounded with compassion and support. 


We work together and privately on your journey. You can choose from small groups, classes or individual work. We are able to offer all through video conferencing.  Both Glory-Anne and Lisa are women of heart. With their combind experience you will be able to navigate your life path with confidence.


How to work with both Glory-Anne and Lisa to create balance:

Twice a year Glory-Anne and Lisa offer a two day workshop to bring together our best and most requested tranformational services. Our online workshop offers webinar style teaching and breakout room sessions for small group discussion. Participants of our online or in person workshops receive the workshop companion bundle full of support material.


Working with Glory-Anne you can expect:

Yes, in fact I do count backwards from 15 to 1 before we begin the deep dive into life’s reasons and wonders through hypnosis. Why? Because when you are your most relaxed self, you can truly see and feel into the soul and that my friend is where you access the directions to how to be the best you..the you that you are here to be.

It is simple, direct, and easy. Once you can tap into your innerself connections, revelations, and insight can help you chart your next move on your path to happiness officially be rerouted to the freedom-way of life.

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Working with Lisa you can expect:

Lisa works with her angel sister Angie and the angelic realm to connect clients with their loved ones who have crossed over. In a session, clients can ask questions which allows old wounds to heal and uncertainty to fall away. Clients leave feeling empowered to move forward on their life path as well as finding enjoyment in everyday life.

What we see on the horizon...

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Upcoming from Glory-Anne:

  • A second FREE hypno-meditation. This one will be on grounding, releasing stress held by the body, and being in the moment.

  • FREE Children's Guided Meditation, Seven Fields Farm: Animal Lessons

  • Zoom Call (date and time TBD): Birth Ready Hypnosis info session

  • Specially priced Life Coaching Plan: $99
    The People Pleasers guide to No: the guiltless way to say no to others and yes to yourself.

Upcoming from Lisa:

  • FREE one angel card pull via email

  • FREE recorded Angelic Meditation

  • Specially priced Angelic Medium readings by phone or zoom call

  • Specially priced Distance Reiki by phone or zoom call