• Glory-Anne Jones

Journaling to help you through changing times

And how it can help you move from a bad space to a good one...

Journaling is a great way to check in with your feelings. It’s a well-established practice in therapy and psychology and if you have kids at home you can involve them too. Here is the thing, journaling can be art, writing or a collage or a combination of whatever feels right for you, and I think that’s amazing. I’m a huge fan of vision boards and writing, bringing both together makes my heart happy.

I’m going to share a few ways to get started. Included are a range of prompts to help you get over the fear of the blank page or to help you get over those ‘um, I don’t know’ moments (if you decide to write). Once you get into the swing of journaling the ideas will flow!

The important part of this journaling process is making sure you capture feelings that you have in the moment, not yesterday or tomorrow. If in the moment you are feeling disappointed or afraid, write those down or find images that represent your feelings. This isn’t the time to sensor or edit what you need to be honest with yourself.

The second important thing is choosing where you would like your feelings to head while you create. The game changer is choosing to find the words and images that move you from heavy to lighter and I’m going to say it...even happy feelings. Searching for the uplifting words, pictures and phases will set your mind in motion. Before you know it you will have shifted your mindset to one of positivity. Your mind will be happy. Your heart will be happy. Your body will be happy.

So, let’s get can be as simple as having scissors, paper, and glue. For the record, I kicked it old school the other day with Elmer’s glue because I couldn’t find any glue sticks. If you choose to go the art route, you can draw or cut words from magazines that reflect how you feel. If you are writing you can choose to write in a journal, notebook, loose leaf paper, or even blank paper. Pick a pen or marker over a pencil. It’s important to stand by your feelings and they should not be erased.

It might be really easy to recognize the feelings that bring you down and that’s why it’s super important to get them out of your head and heart and on to the paper ASAP. Here are some tips to find the elusive, hard to find emotions that lead you to feeling good. Next up are a few ideas to get you out of your head and into your happy.

▪ Write in a spiral or turn your book sideways

▪ Or upside-down

Scroll through the photos on your phone and intentionally look for the ones that make you smile and laugh out loud.

▪ Include photos of parties, holidays and loved ones

▪ Make timelines of the best days in your life

▪ Ones that make you feel proud of yourself

Reframing your emotions and setting your attention on the intention of happiness will help you find the feelings you have been missing. As you become more regular with your journal entries see if you can challenge yourself to add more and more of the positive entries or more happiness into your heart.

Get creating and remember keep it simple and enjoy the process. Life right now is changing and we have never experienced this kind of living. We have a choice to hold in those emotions that weigh us down or pick ones that lift us up. Grab your materials and let it out.

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