Pre-Teen Workshops

Smooth Sailing Senses

Set sail on smooth waters. Learn how to calm the waves of your senses. Hey, kids get stressed too! What makes you worry? Learn how to calm your mind. Ever heard of mindfulness? Who meditates? (Here’s a hint: NFL players, NBA players, soccer players, doctors, teachers, dancers…so yeah basically every profession has someone meditating.) It really works. Let’s try some today.

Thought Energy

Some words are soft and others are hard. Some make you sad and some make you mad. What about the ones that make you feel silly or ones that make you LOL! How does a word do that? Well - words have energy. The words you speak have power. Who can say the most positive words in a row? Learn how to empower yourself and others by using proof positive words. Let’s take a walk with your new words in a mind journey. 

Higher Ground

A story of reaching your goals. The hills, valleys, and mountain roads have much to teach. How to prepare for the journey ahead. What kind of tools do you need? How do you know which trail is better for you. How do you know if you have reached the top? This tale is full of relatable and encouraging lessons for your pre-teen.