Teen Workshops

Winds of Change

You need to adjust the sails so the winds of change work for you. Do you know how to deal with your emotions and other stuff that goes on around you? Teen emotions are no joke! Find your center. Learn to breathe. Yes, BREATHE! As in inhale peace, exhale frustration. Inhale love exhale fear. When you are calm, life around you settles down too. It’s as easy as 4,7,8. Curious yet?

The Power of Word

How does that word make you feel? Can you boost yourself and others through words? You are what you think. That’s right, not only should you watch what you eat…you should watch what you think and say. (Seriously?) (Yes, Seriously!) Words have a power all there own. Are you up to the word challenge? This workshop will have you charging up on word power.

Higher Ground

A story of reaching your goals. The hills, valleys, and mountain roads have much to teach. How to prepare mentally for the journey ahead. Climb higher using mindfulness as a tool. How do you know which path is best for you?  How do you know if you have reached the top? Looking out to the vista - revealing the journey continues. This tale is full of relatable and encouraging lessons for your teen.