Parent Workshops

Intuition for Parents

This workshop begins with a guided meditation focusing on releasing stress. Define intuition and discover how to trust and listen to it. Discuss ways to incorporate intuition into your everyday parenting and adult life.  Did you know that thoughts are energy? Arm your children with positive thoughts from you with these key tips. Discover what can happen when you send out positive thoughts. 

Parenting Soul to Soul

Ease into this practice with a Parenting Soul to Soul meditation. Did you know that your higher self can connect with your child’s higher self? Have something to say but don’t know how? This little know technique could be just what you need. Let’s talk about the possibilities of this powerful connection.  Want to know how to incorporate this in your family life? This workshop has the answers.

Empowerment for now and later

You are ready for an empowering meditation! Suggestions on setting up a meditation space and practice. Clear the old energy in your home to make way for your families new positive vibe. Employ the assistance of your passed loved ones  - this is after all a family affair. Asking your loved ones to watch over your children is an easy but an overlooked opportunity. How do you know they are there? Learn the signs in this workshop. It seems impossible but we will end with question and answer time.